[Clipart] Open Clip Art Library's ccHost now accepts SVG files and using up-to-date ccHost pre-3.0SVN

Jon Phillips jon at creativecommons.org
Tue Aug 29 14:15:56 PDT 2006

Hello all, I have enabled the great work that Roan has done on adapting
getid3 to use SVG and XML and glued in this work. His work seems to work
great thus far. I changed a few values on in the .htaccess file (which
solves many of the woes ccHost folks complain about and is a good way to
do this with an service provider...another email for that)

Anyhow, this now opens the testing phase for uploading compliant SVG
files that you all are dedicate to the public domain.

There are several tasks that still need to be done before we move over,
however, I think we are within 1-2 days if some of you are dedicated to
rocking this out.

I'm inclined to move over to this new infrastructure as soon as
possible...like by yesterday!

The largest features we need before switching over are:

1.) export of our content from the old system to the new one

2.) SVG thumbnails

3.) writing metadata to SVG files in getid3

4.) migration of old web content from old site to the new one

The tasks are listed on the wiki
How about we divide and conquer these task? Are there tasks that you all
would like to sign up for, or are
already working on?

I will sign up for a task if you all sign up for some :) I'm thinking to
do either number 4 or number 2 in the above list.

Otherwise, one of the greatest ways you can help out is by uploading
your SVG clip art to this test site now, leaving comments, testing out
features, emailing the list or chatting if there are issues.

If you have administrative access, try out the various features of the
site. There are several new ones since we first started this migration,
such as Manage Files:
http://openclipart.org/cchost/media/admin/files/manage This feature
allows for one to manage the files for the site without having to login
with SSH...pretty cool...

Please help out Open Clip Art Library move over to the new


Jon Phillips
jon at creativecommons.org
cell: 510.499.0894

Software Engineer
Creative Commons

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