[Clipart] submitted file contains no data

momo momo at lumenstudio.net
Thu Jan 5 04:45:17 PST 2006

Hello Hago,

It is a known problem, it seems to unfortunately happen because of a server 
problem so the uploaded graphics are 0Kb in size. Opera browser doesn't have 
anything to do with this. This bug must be fixed soon. Actually a new, 
improved version of Openclipart.org will be released in the near future, so 
please keep your SVG graphics to upload them when it's ready.

Thank you!


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> Name: Hago Ziegler
> E-mail: h at hzbb.de
> Hi,
> every time I try to upload a svg-file everything seems to be all
> right, but the submission doesn't contain any data.
> What happens? What am I doing wrong?
> I'm using Opera8.5 - is that the problem?
> Regards,  Hago
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