[Clipart] UML Logo Art

Ezequias Rodrigues da Rocha ezequias at recife.pe.gov.br
Wed Jan 4 10:10:20 PST 2006

Hi list,

I was looking for a UML logo in different formats, but I didn't find out 
a large one. So I did one in inkscape.

I just want to know if is possible to publish it on the openclipart.org 
or we need to ask to OMG (http://www.omg.org/legal/graphical_style.htm) 
to use publish it ?

I just believe that the UML logo is a trademark. It is possible to 
publish it as public domain without ask OMG ?


Ezequias Rodrigues da Rocha
msn:ezequias at hotmail.com
"the worst of democracies is still better than the best of dictatorship"

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