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Gerald Ganson Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca
Mon Jan 23 16:16:06 PST 2006

FYI part two

If I open these AI files in InkScape and add metadata and save, they
upload OK.

See IS_Goalie......SVG in incoming.

Gerald G.

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FYI in case this info can help.

I upgraded to Adobe Illustrator-CS version, and it appears to handle RDF
a little differently than did ver. 10.  When I save a file in AI now to
SVG with Author, title, license etc. the file grows by more than double
and it has a bunch of weird adobe stuff in it.

I know that if you click on "make editable in Adobe" to save, then AI
will save a copy of the AI file embeded within the SVG file and of
course this would be bad for OCAL.

But just checking "include XMP" when saving SVG creates a problem too.

So if you save without "XMP" in AI, you get a file with no RDF tag in it
at all. I tried to upload one to OCAL, and seem to have gotten a zero
byte file as well.

I've posted the file "Goalie mask (B and W)" for comparison at...


The other files I uploaded this morning were from the older version of
AI, and the RDF data was added by a script locally that I wrote for

I'll try and rewrite my script to add the RDF tags into this new version
of AI files to see if I can upload successfully with those.

So point of my long story is... It may depend on the program and save
options as to wether or not a submitter gets the 0 byte problem. 

Gerald G.

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