[Clipart] convert à lot of svg to png

patou22 patou22 at club-internet.fr
Sat Jan 28 03:37:58 PST 2006

First of all:
this my first message on this List. Hello Everybody. I don't write 
english very well, so be cool with me:-D.  and I'm using windows xp.

I've to convert à lot of svg to png. (several 7000 svg with subdirectories)
I tried with imagemagick but all png resulted are in very poor quality. 
So it's doesn-t work as i want.
then i found the command to convert svg to png with Inkscape. The 
resulted png is allright but I only can convert 8 or 10 svg because if i 
try to convert, for an exemple, 20 svg my computer is "frozen" for about 
20minutes (because windows xp launch one different processus for each pic).

So, i'm looking for a free software which can make, that words in use, 
batch convert svg to png.

Be Free,

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