[Clipart] Sea of Subjectivity

B Kreps bkreps at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 02:16:11 PST 2006

> So what do you propose? To create from scratch a new backend? This was 
> our initial plan but after a long time reached the conclusion that we 
> don't have the resources (people, time, skills) do to it and the best 
> chance is to reuse something which is already existing, working and 
> under active maintenance.

Well, I'm entirely new to this list and I haven't looked at the backend
yet, so I can't comment on actual implementation.

What resources are available? What is the ultimate goal and timeline?
Given that there are already 5k or 6k images already online, it might be
best to avoid a solution that requires processing all those submissions
again - if it is even possible.

It would be good to find out what people think of implementing a
"collection" format and submission process into the web forms. It is
already possible to submit an archive file, i.e. tar.gz, zip, etc.; so
if a collection archive AND a collection sample could be submitted at
the same time, then the sample could be viewed in the main library, and
an additional informational field would designate this sample as
representative of a collection (i.e. a deck of cards) to the user. The
archive could then be downloaded. A system like ccHost could then be
implemented on top of a combination of individual clips and archives of
collections of clips.

Thoughts? Maybe this needs to be a new thread in the list.


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