[Clipart] Commercial use question

mobilsziget info mobilsziget at freemail.hu
Mon Jun 5 10:44:53 PDT 2006


we have got a commercial web site,

1, we would like to include many
pictures on our website to beautify it

2, we would like to involve most of the 
 pictures in our business page as well:
We have got a mobile phone supported web page, 
where the user can receive pictures as MMS to his/her mobile
We would like to send the pictures as MMS to mobilephones,
and the user would pay for it.

Can we involve 
pictures in both cases?
What are the Terms and Conditions to use the pictures....

If we use the pictures as MMS and we have got enough income,
certainly we will donate openclipart.org later on...

Waiting for reply
  Best Regards
  Mobilsziget Team

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