[Clipart] Print-request

Thomas Zastrow listen at thomas-zastrow.de
Sun Jun 11 10:45:30 PDT 2006

Bryce Harrington schrieb:
> On Sat, Jun 10, 2006 at 10:27:45PM +0200, Thomas Zastrow wrote:
>> Dear list!
>> I'm new to this eMail-list, so please be patient with me ;-)
>> I work a lot with the OpenClipart - it's a great project, I love it!
>> But, sometimes it's difficult to parse the hundreds and hundreds of 
>> files on the harddisk: Sometimes I whish I would have a printed 
>> catalogue or a PDF-file which lists all the available clipart.
>> Am I right that something like that doesn't exist? If it is so, I think 
>> it wouldn't be much work to program something will generate something 
>> like that ... perhaps just a LateX-file?
> Hi Tom,
> That's correct, no such thing currently exists.  If you generate
> something though, please post a link to it here, so others can benefit
> from it.  :-)
> Bryce
OK, here you go (10.7 MB, if this is too big I can delete the PDF-files, 
than there will be just a few kb):


Unpacking the archive will produce a directory named "catalogue". Please 
put this directory into the OpenClipart-root-directory, where the 
directory "clipart" can also be find (for me it's under 

Now, there are several files.

The most important one: "GenerateHTMLFile.pl" This is a Perl-script 
which scans the clipart-directory above and builds HTML-files from the 
found PNG-files. Will work just under Unix/Linux, not under Windows.

The file "index.html" is the starting-point: From here you can go to the 
other HTML-files which were created by the Perl-script.

For every *oc.html-file, there is also a PDF-file. Creating this 
PDF-files was the biggest problem: The browsers I use (Firefox, 
Konqueror, Opera) weren't able to print everything in one big file. 
That's the reason why I splitted the HTML-files into more than one. Then 
I created the PDF-files with html2pdf on the command-line.

Suggestions, ideas, critics are always welcome.




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