[Clipart] Admin policy - banning/unpubish/deleting

ryan ryan at lennox.com.au
Mon Nov 13 15:57:15 PST 2006

We need everyone's thoughts on maybe setting up some guidelines for how to
go about moderation of uploads that are against the guidelines of the open
clipartlibrary. I hate to be the admin that deletes peoples uploads without
warning and without feedback on why, that's how you scare people away. at
the moment, I try to send them an email, or a review telling them why their
upload is not so good, and how to fix it, or to delete it.


We need to stay on top of this, as the library balloons out, it will be
harder to track down these files.


The top files that I have problems with are:


* People uploading non svg files - png and jpeg etc.

* Uploads that have an imbedded raster image in them

* Uploads that contain copyrighted ideas/materials


And ideas on any of this would be appreciated!




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