[Clipart] what is the max filesize I can upload?

momo momo at lumenstudio.net
Sat Nov 18 16:58:12 PST 2006

Thanks for the information! :)

I have then 2 suggestions:
- the maximum file size should be indicated in the upload form (or even in the upload page http://openclipart.org/cchost/media/submit for every type of upload, max filesize for screenshots, cliparts/remixes, requests), to prevent people beeing confused by trying to upload files bigger than 300Kb and asking questions or filling bug reports.
- the maximum file size should be increased, because 300 Kb is way too small. Any somehow complicated clipart is generally bigger than 300Kb. Increasing the max filesize to 1Mb is not a bad idea IMO.


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  File size.stay under 300kb



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  I tried to upload an SVG that has 845Kb in size and it seems that I can't do it: the upload seems to work fine but in the end I get a blank page. When looking at the clipart list, the uploaded file isn't there.

  The entire upload lasts about 45-50 seconds (I have a slow connection for the moment). Is it a timing problem, or the file I try to upload is too big?



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