[Clipart] small error on front page

momo momo at lumenstudio.net
Sun Nov 19 23:42:46 PST 2006


I found a small error in the link at the front page:
The ZAZ 965 is located at http://openclipart.org/cchost/media/files/molumen/120 but the link leads to http://openclipart.org/cchost/media/files/molumen/1201 (with an extra 1 at the end) and surprisingly opens a page with a Ali Esbati as Che Guevara page :)))



P.S.: I'd like to be a little more involved in the OCAL projects that I like very much, so if you guys need some help with it, just let me know. I can do all kind of usefull stuff, as soon as programming isn't involved :)
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