[Clipart] idea for clipart requests and implementation

Gerald Ganson Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca
Mon Oct 2 07:50:39 PDT 2006

I've been thinking for quite some time now that we should encourage
people to upload bitmaps of their clipart that they wish to donate to
public domain. There are probably a lot of artists out there who work in
bitmaps, or draw on paper and then scan.

We could include more of these folks in the project, and encourage them,
by having a method and location to submit these. Knowing that not
everyone will always be made into a vector for the collection, but many
may be. I think it would be fun, and productive too.

I have done this with a few already, where I downloaded a PNG from
ABIclip, and vectorized, added colour, cleaned up, and edited to my
tastes, then re-uploaded to OpenClipart in SVG.  I claim credit only for
the SVG, and the original illustrator as the artist. (ABI in this case)

Perhaps there is a way to formalize this credit process too.
Illustration by..., and vectorization by... 

Gerald G.

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RyanLerch and I were brainstorming on the mailing list about how to deal
with the nice contribution of images from worldlabel.com. Basically,
they donated to us and the public domain images they commissioned to be
made. Unfortunately, these images are in bitmap formats.

Well, I started to think how we could put these on the site and get
others to create vector versions and I realized that all we needed to do
is to allow for people to upload descriptions and basic ideas/sketches
for others to remix and create newer versions of the same file.

Thus, I uploaded the new worldlabel bitmaps as "requests" so that others
may take these, redo them as vector (while possibly improving them) and
then re-uploading them as a remix and then attach that new image to the
old one. The genealogy then will be tracked from the request/original to
the new vector version.

So, what we still need is the ability for this submission type being a
URL and only text. After we have this, then we can start moving over our
clipart requests to the website! This is very very cool and simple
solution to an issue that seemed like we needed to code a mountains

Does it all make sense?

I went ahead and created the "request" submission type:


Thus, if anyone wants to go ahead and start uploading basic sketches for
the requests from the wiki, this would be awesome. Then, we should file
a feature request for cchost to add this URL/only-text submission type.
Cool? Could someone else do this so I can keep coding :)

I'm pretty excited!

Please notice I added the requests tab to the top of the site:


Also, this is where it links to:


So, all uploads that are tagged with request, idea, need, then it will
show up on this page.

I went ahead and uploaded the first batch of images from worldlabel.com,
all the files in the Borders collection. Would someone else help by
uploading the other other images? They can be found here: 


NOTE: Cool, this is a simple solution along the lines of when we
realized we could put SVG files as Inkscape's help menu...cool!


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