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Gerald Ganson Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca
Thu Oct 5 08:29:01 PDT 2006

>From the link below I found this PDF


Since this was produced by the EPA and the PDF itself does not seem to
contain a copyright notice, would it be safe to add images from this
document to OCAL ?

Gerald G.

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> On another note, johnny_automatic has found a great source of 
> colouring in artwork that could be converted into vector format and 
> included in the library. I am not sure of the licenceof these images, 
> so if anyone knows or can find out?
> the address is : http://www.niehs.nih.gov/kids/color.htm

Here's the mother of all links for the US government graphics files:  

Their disclaim is that many of the images are in the PD as anything
created by the government is by law PD.  But they advise checking the
disclaimers at each agency.

good hunting,

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