[Clipart] Does openclipart.org have invalid SVG content?

Gerald Ganson Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca
Tue Oct 10 08:32:11 PDT 2006

Thanks for all the replies on this guys. I appreciate the suggestions.
Here's the rub....

I'm a windows user. 

"man inkscape" does not work - neither does what Windows users would
expect to use.. "inkscape /?"
I have DL the latest version and am searching offline and online content
for command prompt switches for windows.

"Freehand perhaps?" No I use a really old app called Micrografx because
the drawing interface works better than any of the newer stuff does for
me. And yes it's a bit like an old pair of shoes. It fits me. I does not
and will not export SVG. EPS and some other types.

"Adobe supports and promotes XMP for metadata.  The last step of going
through Inkscape - although appreciated - should not be necessary at

I have uploaded some adobe created SVG, but kind of got the feeling that
these files may be bloated, or contain extra tags, so I am attempting to
keep all NEW uploads to cchost very clean.

"Alternatively you should be able to import the EPS into Inkscape
without needing the Adobe Illustrator step."

As a windows user, I'm not sure of this works. There is no EPS on the
file import menu, and reading in the mail-list archives it sounds like
the workaround is to install 3 or 4 other apps and do a scripted import
export from these. (which really would'nt be much faster than opening in
Adobe to create SVG)

I've joined the inkscape user mail list, so perhaps I'll learn more
about using it over there.

On a related note, The OpenSource community in general needs to keep in
mind that there is a LARGE base of computer users out there using Win
OS. In order to gain acceptance and usage by this community the
opensource apps need to work as well for the Win users as it does for
the Unix users. It also needs to compare in ease of install, useage,
etc. with apps they are used to. Just my thought for the day.

I'll look for more inkscape info on the inkscape list.

Gerald G.

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