[Clipart] stats and stelt's scripts

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Tue Oct 10 19:11:14 PDT 2006

Ok, I've started some stats for the project to be statically generated
in the stats folder: http://openclipart.org/stats/

There are folders generated inside of here which will have reports
inside. The validation of the clipart takes some time, so might not be
complete...but is statically generated so we aren't hammering w3c's

I worked on stelt's scripts for validation to do a daily validation
check of our clipart.

Also, I fixed up his scripts so that we could test from the web an svg
like so:

Shows the options of how to use

Thus to test a URL:


notice you can test multiple files that have URLS on the web...if its
not a url, then it won't get tested at all...

This is all in the main clipart_web CVS module under the tools/stelt
folder at present.

Ryanlerch you mentioned you wanted more stats. It would be a great thing
to think up different metrics we should start checking. You (and others)
might check out how Bryce has setup the stats for inkscape (you can get
to from the main page) and we should copy those and then build upon
them. Also, we can use awstats to do apache log analysis...I'm sure we
are getting a gazillion errors...Anyway, lets start a page called stats
on the wiki and start figuring out how we will deal with this.

Oh, I have cronjob scripts here on fd.o:


I am running both the run_backups.sh and run_stats.sh scripts on my
crontab daily.

Here, you can get a sample of the output of the validation of our
collection BTW:

Do you think we should add to our goal of the project to be a public
domain vector graphics clip art collection that strives to be valid and
standards compliant? I guess this only means something to developers,
but is still more clear...

A big ups to Stelt for creating the seeds that are these tools...I
renamed them if you see STELT... ;)


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