[Clipart] invalid SVG in OpenClipArtLibrary collection

Ruud Steltenpool, http://svg.startpagina.nl svg at steltenpower.com
Thu Oct 12 03:04:33 PDT 2006

Dear list,

I've notified some people on #openclipart (IRC channel), and send rejon 
code (takes out 'foreign' namespaces and enforces a doctype before 
sending it to the W3C validator) to help detect the invalidities. Good 
work is being done.

About 6 days ago i sent a big list of URLs with "valid / NOT valid" 
besides them to this list, but it never showed up in the archives.
Maybe a filter or a moderator didn't like it.

One of the errors that showed up often was space="preserve", which 
should either be removed or put in a namespace other than svg's or 
xlink's before it can be valid. xml:space="preserve" is valid and 
whatever:space="preserve" will be ignored by an SVG viewer, so is fine 
too. Based on the source code of those files it was most likely Adobe 
Illustrator that introduced the invalid code and i've filed a bug.

Making sure (especially on-line) content is valid is rather important to 
really enjoy the power of a standard. Therefore if you find invalid 
content, please fix it and report it to the creator and the people who 
created his/her tool



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