[Clipart] Bis: About using your images only for intern using anddemos

ryan ryan at lennox.com.au
Thu Oct 12 23:09:50 PDT 2006

We seem to be getting these "can I use your images for this ..." emails more
and more. Do you think it would be warranted to put a eye catching Public
Domain logo on the site, and a link to a brief, simple explanation of what
public domain is, so people don't get confused so easily?


Ryan Lerch

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Subject: [Clipart] Bis: About using your images only for intern using

Name: Laurent Guilbert
E-mail: laurent.guilbert at pimentic.com


We are looking for solutions to use pictures that are free of rights.
We are a society, but the images we need are only for prospecting and
intern use. (The aim is to spare time) Our final products will use
our own pictures. May we use pictures from your site without
displaying the author's name ?

If not, do you know another solution ?

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