[Clipart] SVG validity wants a few minutes of your coding or SVG expertise time

Ruud Steltenpool, http://svg.startpagina.nl svg at steltenpower.com
Thu Oct 19 17:57:01 PDT 2006

Open ClipArt and Inkscape do a pretty good job in promoting SVG. 
However quite a bit of content on the web that is called SVG, is 
actually only something that looks very much like SVG, but is not. "Not 
valid" breaks the principle of a standard. Therefore activities are 
started and some first code is hacked together to start changing that:

Next to code detecting errors based on DTDs and later also RNGs there's 
also code that gives the content coder advice, also to help workaround 
viewer implementation errors.

If you have some expertise in SVG or general XML, please invest a little 
bit of your valuable time.


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