[Clipart] Re: clipart Digest, Vol 31, Issue 38

John Olsen johnny_automatic at mac.com
Wed Oct 25 06:49:30 PDT 2006

Oh God, look what I've gotten myself into.  I'd have to be consistent  
and organized instead of my usual chaotic self :-)  I must say that  
this site: Core Historical Literature of Agriculture http:// 
chla.mannlib.cornell.edu made the documentation easy as their  
librarians did the work.  it is also a great site to mine as there is  
a pulldown menu for each scanned book with illustration pages noted!   
A real time saver.  I'll put a listing for it on the Wiki.

Regarding the old library images, when they are moved over to ccHost  
will they be associated with their submitters.  Can they be?  I  
became involved in this project between the last release and switch  
over to ccHost, so much of my submissions are in that big unsorted  


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> I was just looking at johnnyautomatic's upload of the caterpillar  
> that he
> had gotten from a book, converted into svg and uploaded into  
> ccHost. Link:
> http://openclipart.org/cchost/media/files/johnny_automatic/839
> In the description he put: an illustration of a caterpillar from  
> Injurious
> insects of the farm and garden Treat, Mary. Orange Judd Company,  
> New York :
> 1882
> That got me thinking, should we set down some basic guidelines -  
> not polcies
> or procedures, guidelines for how to reference different types of  
> images
> that have been sourced from elsewhere? Is there a defined referencing
> standard that we should encourage people to use? Just a thought,  
> because I
> feel it would be a good idea for people, if they want to, to be  
> able to find
> the original document / image / publication if they wish.
> Just a thought.
> Ryan Lerch

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