[Clipart] How d I download the full version

Stephan Beal stephan at wanderinghorse.net
Fri Aug 10 05:37:25 PDT 2007

On Thursday 09 August 2007, Jon Phillips wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 03:29 +0200, Stephan Beal wrote:
> > One extreme solution would be to offer the large download only (or
> > primarily) via torrents. As a secondary option, offer to sell CDs,
> > perhaps via subscription (2x-4x yearly). Of course, there's quite
> > an administrative overhead involved in that, but it could probably
> > be farmed out.
> Yes, the big torrents is a better approach IMO, but we could have a
> huge tarball of all right now...
> We need a php/mysql developer to help with the import...if someone
> wants to volunteer, I'm going to be online more this weekend to catch
> up on outstanding tasks...my goal is to empower more developers and
> to consolidate where possible so that we can grow this thing, cool?

i don't know if would have the energy to commit to programming, but i 
may be able to help with a download mirror...

My main hoster (hostmonster.com) gives me 300GB of drive space and 3TB 
of traffic - numbers i can't come close to using on my own. i have 
access to another account which has 100GB of space and unlimited 
traffic. While i probably couldn't host a full site mirror (due 
primarily to db limits), i could host two copies of the downloads.

----- stephan beal
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