[Clipart] new user issues

John Olsen johnny_automatic at mac.com
Tue Dec 4 06:28:56 PST 2007

> As a librarian sending out comments to new users on things to fix, I
> have many of them tell me how hard it is to find guidelines for
> submissions.  Both the overall guidelines and some nuts and bolts
> practical things like converting text to paths.  I reviewed http://
> openclipart.org/wiki/Guidelines#File_Guidelines and found it quite
> out of date.  So I cleaned it up and made it reflect the current
> state of things.  It was left-over from the old site I'm sure as it
> still said you could upload tarballs, WMF and PDF files.

I could add an idea to the side menu.  So I went ahead and added a  
link to the Guidelines under Artist.  I also did my best to clean it  
up and add some information that people suggested to me.

As to other formats, it certainly would be nice if we could handle  
any vector art format.  PDFs strike me as a possible problem since  
the source of the PDF and its contents are so varied that you'd get a  
lot of non-vector art uploads.  So that would need to be addressed.


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