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Nicu Buculei nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro
Wed Dec 5 00:04:16 PST 2007

noreply at openclipart.org wrote:
> Sorry, I didn't know that in order to find my reply to problems in uploading
> clip art, I had to look in the archive of the mailing list.  Your faq says a
> person can build a tarball, your upload page says it will accept a zip file.

Yes, this is an error in the FAQ. We used to accept both tarballs and 
zips and the plan is to have them working again, but currently it does 
not work.

>  If a person can only upload the svg file, it's painful but okay.  How does

Indeed, quite painful when someone has to upload *a lot* of files at 
once, I feel your pain.

> one upload the README?  If 800 of us all manually upload svg files, there
> aren't likely to be namespace collisions, but that isn't true for the README

No, we won't have namespace collisions: your username is added to the 
file name to avoid this (and I believe also a number it the combination 
of username and filename already exist, but I'm not very sure about this).

> that has the license statement in it.

By submitting a file to the Open Clip Art Library you are agreeing to 
release it as Public Domain, so no license statement is needed. The very 
first paragraph on the website is:

"This project aims to create an archive of user contributed clip art 
that can be freely used. All graphics submitted to the project should be 
placed into the Public Domain according to the statement by the Creative 

Do you think it is not visible enough and we should make it more prominent?

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