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Gerald Ganson Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca
Wed Dec 5 12:40:24 PST 2007

I sent an email to the contact point of  http://www.clipproject.info.

There has been no reply yet.

It was suggested to flag the upload as possible cadidate for violation of site rules, but I don't know how to do this.

Would someone like to flag it, and see if this action gets the attention of user "wkdesign".

I really don't want to see the upload delete, I would love to get confirmation on the release, because I have already completed most of the work on converting these images. (sometimes I get ahead of myself)


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my  thoughts are -

1. we need to do the same reasonable checks for copyright issues that we would do for any external source.

2. if these are the original designs of wkdesign and/or W. Korn then maybe they need a reminder that placing them here exposes them to a broader release of copyright then the "non-commercial use only" that you point out on your review.  Obviously, once someone gives it to the PD one cannot take it back for private use.


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> I posted a review of a request yesterday, but I'm not sure if anyone
> is actually reading reviews.
> (Link) http://openclipart.org/media/reviews/wkdesign/4164#1760
> Basically I believe the user "wkdesign" is the artist/owner of the
> graphics which are posted at ...
> http://www.clipproject.info
> and hence he has kindly placed some images in the requests folder to
> be turned into SVG and added to OCAL.
> I just thought I'd write to the list and see if anyone has an opinion
> on going ahead with these images, or contacting wkdesign or something.
> Should we be confirming the permission to place these images in the PD
> ?
> wkdesign - are you on this list ? If so please reply and let me know,
> I'd love to complete this request for you.
> Thanks
> Gerald_G
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