[Clipart] [Open Clip Art Library] RE: Nicu Buculei Re: clipart downloads

noreply at openclipart.org noreply at openclipart.org
Thu Dec 13 11:30:39 PST 2007

What scripting language does your site use?
I am not an expert but do no quite a bit about PHP, some perl.
I would never promise to be able to do the work, but I would be willing to look at your file structure and see if I could come up with a zip app. (something that would simply zip the files in on the site , on demand, for download).


>Unfortunately we don't have such 
>downloads available for the time 
>being. However, this is a feature 
>we consider important to have, 
>but we are short on contributors 
>to develop it, help is wanted.


>Is there a way to download all 
>the clipart on the site? I did 
>download some of the zip files 
>but I see there is clipart on the 
>site that isn't in there.

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