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worms invasion wormsxulla at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 19 04:38:06 PST 2007

--- Nicu Buculei <nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro> wrote:

> noreply at openclipart.org wrote:
> > Almost all of my uploads are pngs, exported from
> Inkscape as such. I was unable to upload svg files?
> maybe its my system, but I hope the pngs are ok. I'm
> new to this.
> PNGs are used mostly as previews for the SVG files
> (or as requests for 
> vectorization), SVG is the desired format. If you
> got an error trying to 
> upload a SVG it is a bug and we must fix it, please
> provide more info.

I also had and probably will have the problem to
upload Inkscape SVG. It looks like, for big files
(500Kb or so), the system doesn't accept Inkscape
format, but accepts the same file saved as plain SVG
(the file is then just a bit smaller). It would accept
a 500Kb plain SVG, but not a 450 Inkscape SVG, so it's
a bit frustrating :-)

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