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> From: Nicu Buculei <nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro>
> Subject: Re: [Clipart] [Open Clip Art Library] svg or png
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> noreply at openclipart.org wrote:
>> Almost all of my uploads are pngs, exported from Inkscape as such.  
>> I was unable to upload svg files? maybe its my system, but I hope  
>> the pngs are ok. I'm new to this.
> PNGs are used mostly as previews for the SVG files (or as requests for
> vectorization), SVG is the desired format. If you got an error  
> trying to
> upload a SVG it is a bug and we must fix it, please provide more info.
>> What does it mean when it asks if I want to be notified when I've  
>> been "remixed"?.
> You can get a notice when someone upload a derivative based on your  
> work.

If noreply here is Reedabadeeda I wrote you a review e-mail but maybe  
you don't have e-mail notices turned on.  Once again pointing to the  
problem with librarians trying to contact submitters to help them.

The upload issues on svg files usually occur because of a timeout.   
Roan is aware of this and trying to clean up the code to prevent  
this.  Very large svg files will often fail.  Most of our vector  
clipart is really very small 1k-50k.  When it gets into the 400k and  
above range there is possibility of failure.  Roan also tells me that  
the real problem is the number of nodes in the file which is only one  
of the reasons for file size.  Gradients, unclosed shapes with a  
fill, and excessive detail all contribute to this.

You can try uploading them as svgz files.  You can also simplify the  
paths to reduce the node count if it doesn't damage the image.  How  
large are the files you are trying to upload?

John Olsen/Johnny Automatic

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