[Clipart] clipart Digest, Vol 45, Issue 23

John Olsen johnny_automatic at mac.com
Fri Dec 21 07:46:29 PST 2007



These are the two things that happen.  Either blank screen or  
occasionally an error message.  Almost always it is timeout because of  
too many nodes in the design.  Roan is supposed to be working on  
fixing so it doesn't time out as fast.  I also made a note on one of  
your uploads to combine the PNG and svg files into the same entry.   
You want the PNG file first then add the svg so it is second on the  
list.  Adding extra files and changing heir order is all done through  
the manage files link on the right hand side of the page you create  
weh nyou upload a file.

Hope that helps,  John

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> Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 01:56:43 -0500 (EST)
> From: Rita Laurance <ritalouise2 at peoplepc.com>
> Subject: [Clipart] Inkscape svg uploads
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> I uploaded a few svg file versions of some of the pngs that I  
> uploaded yesterday. But several would not upload. One time I got an  
> error message that said the file was too large. All the other times  
> I got a blank white screen. I'll try again, but probably not this  
> week....
> Rita L.
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