[Clipart] [Open Clip Art Library] Upload Flagged

Ryan ryan at lennox.com.au
Thu Feb 8 14:21:41 PST 2007

Is there any feature in cchost, to make a user log in before flagging a

Also, the "flag a file" option is only available (as far as I can see) in
the reviews section. (so if a upload has not been reviewed, then it cannot
be flagged...)

IMO, also the reviews should be on the same page as the item itself,
(similar to the way youtube does it) rather than have a separate page for

Also, is there a way to be notified of all reviews and review replies, ATM,
only new reviews are listed in the sidebar, and there is no way of finding
out which reviews have been replied to, unless you started the review, and
you have your notifications set up.

Also, to have the totals of reviews and replies under your avatar rather
than just reviews would be cool also, 

Sorry if this email is all over the shop, wanted to get some discussion
going to get other peoples opinions before I start adding feature requests
to bugzilla.



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> Content has been flagged
> Upload: Jack-O-Lantern
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> Flagger: anon
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> This upload contains material that may violate the terms of the site.
> Testing if flagging can be done without logging in.
> I am not flagging this image:
> ryanlerch
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