[Clipart] Guidelines for uploading.

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Tue Jan 2 15:22:15 PST 2007

On Wed, 2006-12-20 at 08:22 +1000, ryan wrote:
> I know that we try to shy away from harsh, "you must do it like this" type
> guidelines at the open clip art library, but after about a fortnight of
> myself and molumen on librarian "cleanup" duty, I feel it is more than
> necessary to document some basic clipart "best practises" to ensure that the
> clipart that is uploaded by someone is as usable as possible. 

I think this is a great idea! Guidelines are good, but unchangeable
law/policy is not good, right ;)

> Also once these guidelines are in place, to translate these in to as many
> languages as possible, as the non-english speaking percentage of uploaders
> increase.
> The main types of cleanups that are happening at the moment are that I think
> may be neccecary to implement as some guidelines are:
> 	*The document boundary - my estimate is that about 40% of clipart
> that 	is uploaded could do with some clipping of the document boundary.
> (is 	a fix to this possible to automatically so in a script or
> something?)
> 	*Tags - many uploads are tagged with one or no usable tags
> 	*Text - the uploads with text in them need to be converted to paths
> for usability (also, not sure about mozilla, but the SVG text support 	is
> pretty ordinary in opera)
> 	*Non SVG files
> 	*Logos - (especially ones with no accurate description of what it is
> - 	it may be a fictional logo, but we don't know that)
> At the moment, we are tagging these files with the system tag "cleanup" and
> writing a review for that image, saying what needs to be cleaned up. I am
> going to try to write up a "Librarians Handbook" in the wiki that outlines
> some of this procedure, so keep an eye out for it...

I wonder if we shouldn't immediately tag new clipart with the cleanup
tag so that it gets reviewed. Shouldn't each piece get reviewed? This
wouldn't effect it being avaible, but more for general practice and use
by the cleaners :)

> Also, we need librarians to help sift through some of these logos and
> cliparts, especially people that can speak languages other than English(my
> only language :P)

Yes...put a call out on the blog and list.

> So hit the list if you want to help, even if it is just helping us
> communicate with people that cant speak English for us :P because babelfish
> can only help a little bit...
> Sorry for the super-long email...
> thanks,
> Ryan Lerch



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