[Clipart] Re: cleanup tag

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Fri Jan 5 13:34:45 PST 2007

Yeah I dont think they should because they are tagged with tag, request

The completed requests should though imo



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Hi Ryan,

Great idea! this way every new clipart will be checked! :)
Does this apply to submitted requests too?


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> thanks,
> Ryan Lerch
> ryan at lennox.com.au
> Hi all,
> I am now back online (sorta)...
> Anyhoo, I have now set up cchost to automaitcally add the cleanup tag to
> every clipart, remix and external source clipart that is uploaded. This
> means basically, each clipart needs to be gone over by an editor or admin,
> cleaned up if neccesary, then the cleanup tag removed...
> Cheers
> Ryan lerch

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