Fwd: [Clipart] Image searcher

tom whiteley tom.whiteley at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 12:50:17 PST 2007

Whoops should have copied the list in on this one.

Reviewing it, I'd just like to make it clear I am happy to help add
this search functionality into your new site, it's just I might be a
little slow to respond at times due to other commitments.

I think it should be fairly easy to do, (famous last words of course).

>I'm glad you like it.

>I know there are still improvements to be made especially on the web
>interface, I hope to do those gradually. (I've been spending too much
>time on this much to my wife's distress)

>I am sorry about the errors. Could you tell me what browser you are
>using and it's version? Also what was the error message?

>Javascript is a slippery beast.

>As to how it works, it would be more correct to say it has a number of
>indices. And if you don't mind for the moment at least I'd like to
>keep the algorithm a secret.
>Having said that I'd be more than happy to integrate something using
>it into the open clip art library, since I don't think I could have
>done it without you guys.

>What I can tell you is that I use javascript for the
>drawing/formatting/ajax front end part of the website, and on my
>server I have a compiled python cgi script that does the actual search
>against a database of information extracted from the pictures.

>The search is hopefully reasonably quick, it would be faster on a
>dedicated server rather than a shared one. But the extraction of the
>information to build the database is slower, currently around a second
>or 2 per piece of clip art.

>So yes I'm quite happy to help out but I'm afraid I've never done any
>PHP. Also as I hinted before I'm trying not to do so much on this at
>the mo', so I hope you don't mind if I'm a little slow.
>My wife is 3 months pregnant and our 2 year old is becoming naughtier
>by the day so my time is limited, I'm sure you understand.

>Thanks again,


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