[Clipart] Alternative Donations

Greg Bulmash oneminuteinspirations at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 20:32:17 PDT 2007

If any of you are interested in donating to the cause...

You may remember that I complained OSU's donation process was too 
invasive, so Jon Phillips volunteered to collect donations through 
PayPal and will pass them along to OSU, or (if there's enough money and 
group consensus) maybe hire out for a little part-time professional 
sysadmin help to keep the server chugging along nicely.

I just sent $40 to: phillipsjd at gmail.com

If you want to help, do the same.  Actually, send more.

Every $10 donated is another $10 toward keeping "punch the monkey" and 
screaming emoticon ads off OCAL.

So if you were thinking about donating, but weren't keen on throwing the 
money at OSU, throw it at Jon (electronic throwing only - flying rolls 
of coins are not desired or appreciated).

Paypal him your donation at: phillipsjd at gmail.com

- Greg

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