[Clipart] 12 Hours Left in the Open Font Library Logo Competition!

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Tue Mar 13 12:08:28 PDT 2007

That's right, there is only 12 hours left in the Open Font Library logo
competition. Make sure to get your submissions in before the end of
server time at 11:59 PST today on March 14.

No entries are allowed after that time, so now is the time.

When the deadline is hit, there will be 5 days for the 3 judges to come
to a decision, so it is a great time for us all to comment/review what
has been submitted, rate it, and let the judges hear loud and clear what
we all think :) Note, you can still judge after the deadline...


On the heels of this competition, which I want to have us launch
tomorrow, is the Create Project Logo Competition. This will be on Open
Clip Art Library:


One other note, it would be great to think up font competition to lead
into after the OFL.o logo is selected, to help build up the community :)



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