[Clipart] Spread Open Media (SOM) contest is over. And the winners are...

Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves justivo at gmail.com
Sat May 5 14:39:05 PDT 2007

Hello everyone,

I'm really impressed by the Open Clipart community.  When the contest
started I wasn't expecting much, but I must say I'm really impressed.
I hope the Open Clipart community continues to grow.  This reminds me
of that time back in 2006 when I requested Inkscape and the GIMP to
have connectivity with Open Clipart, and I don't know how that turned
out, but this isn't here or there.

The contest had some really great entries, and I'd like to thank
everyone who participated.  Without you people this contest wouldn't
have been a success.  I'm also impressed by how the contesters keep
influencing each other.  This is a great attitude; something one won't
see on most communities.  But then again, most designers don't put
their work under the Public Domain, and this is probably why it worked
out so well here.

For those who didn't participate, and to those who did participate but
didn't win, your help is still welcome.  SOM is in need of writers
willing to create articles and tutorials, as well as translators to
bring those articles and tutorials to everyone in the world.  Just
contact me if you are interested.

I picked three finalists, and it's a shame I ended up being the only
judge.  I tried to invite a few people (including two other members of
Xiph) to help me choose the winners, but I guess they were busy with
other projects, and I ended up doing it alone.  I hope no one feels

Alright, with no further delay: the first place goes to "needcoffee".
His final entry[1] will be used as SOM's official logo, as well as in
most banners and related promotional material.

The second place goes to "jwar"[2].

The third place goes to "mabroox"[3].

jwar and mabroox entries will be used on promotional material as well,
although I'm afraid only as an alternative to needcoffee's version.

Congratulations to the three of you.  I would like to get in touch
with you all to get the final preparations done to use your work on
SOM, as well as to credit you properly.  Be sure to contact me,
please.  As you may have noticed above, I don't even know your real

Thanks again to everyone who participated, as well as those who wrote
reviews to help the contesters, and to the Open Clip Art Library for
hosting the contest.  Until next time.

[1] http://openclipart.org/contests/Xiph/needcoffee/Xiph_needcoffee_SOM_Simple_Mascot_(Pirate_Style).svg
[2] http://openclipart.org/contests/Xiph/jwar/Xiph_jwar_Spread_Open_Media_logo_submission_v06.svg
also, http://openclipart.org/contests/Xiph/jwar/Xiph_jwar_Spread_Open_Media_logo_submission_v05.svg
[3] http://openclipart.org/contests/Xiph/mabroox/Xiph_mabroox_SOM_-_Phoenix_4.svg
also, http://openclipart.org/contests/Xiph/mabroox/Xiph_mabroox_SOM_-_Phoenix.svg

Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves,
Xiph.Org Foundation

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