[Clipart] Searching and download graphics (3)

Alan alan at ccnsweb.com
Thu May 17 14:29:49 PDT 2007

Is this what you are thinking about with Google?
Super Fast Searching
Approach A
dump each album out to a html file, and set up robots.txt so that
indexing engines could spider it.

Next, add a google search button to search inside your site. This way, you

a) reduce your server requirements, and
b) improve artist visibility on all search engines

Approach B
Study the query plan and try to understand how your RDBMS is actually
executing the search, and you'd be able to better appreciate how to
optimize your queries.

I'd say Approach B loses to Approach A

Approach C
Tune your database's cache settings.

Chui | October 2, 2004 10:50 PM
Thank you.

Which of your suggestions would be the most efficient and the easiest to
update and maintain?


Greg Bulmash wrote:
> Alan,
> You don't gain any significant efficiency by grepping text files over 
> storing the same information within a database.  As well, the search 
> utility offered on the OCAL site was primarily text based.  Though 

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