[Clipart] Back online!!!

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Wed May 23 23:35:36 PDT 2007

The services are almost back online. Open Font Library is live once
more. Please snoop around and see if things work and please report back.

Keith Packard said that after the files finish copying, OCAL will be
back online too!

Create Project is online, but I have to mess with the DB becuase it
doesn't look like the wiki installed properly onto our new machine.

Looks like our servers are on a box called:


Update your brain with new ssh!

Note, this is pre-moving to OSUOSL servics, but is an intermediate
step...give a big hug and shout-out to Keith Packard and the fd.o

I'll let everyone know when the other services go online, okay?


Jon Phillips

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