[Clipart] old site archive reorganized

John Olsen johnny_automatic at mac.com
Wed Nov 7 06:16:19 PST 2007


I've downloaded the old site's archive and re-organized it by  
author.  I have 212 distinct authors plus another folder of author's  
that only made 1 submission.  There is also a folder of clearly pd  
items or uncredited ones that I just called Public Domain.  I even  
put the previous files that Gerald G uploaded already into a sub- 
folder in his folder.

I am prepared to make a page on the road map/wiki so we can begin to  
upload people's art again but I need to know how and where you want  
the files.  Then I can link a page to the files and list the  
authors.  I assume then people could strike through their names as  
they have uploaded their part.  At least as a start.  Then deal with  
people who aren't here anymore.

John Olsen

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