[Clipart] Announcement: SVGZ files now supported

Roan Horning Roan at Horning.us
Wed Nov 7 11:51:24 PST 2007

> Jon Phillips wrot:
>> On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 08:27 +1000, Ryan Lerch wrote:
>> >> Yes, I was thinking an announcement on the front page would be good.
>> The news is done very "by hand" at the moment, and all by me... i edit
>> the front page, home.xml and reupload it to the server via the cchost
>> manage pages, then i edit the RSS feed by hand and then do the same...
> What about my idea of just switching to using the planet and our sites?
> The bummer about this is there is no archive, but...I guess that's why
> we have the web...are there any planet planets with archive (like venus
> or other?)

I did a quick search last night and found what looks like a nice RSS
parser library done in php: MagpieRSS: RSS for PHP --

It will take an RSS feed and give you a nice array from which to work.
With this I think it will be relatively easy to code the home.xml file to
include a blog feed. If not before, I will start working on code for this
feature this weekend.


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