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Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Wed Nov 7 13:12:10 PST 2007

recent activity has made our downloads go way up!


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> From: Lance Albertson <lance at osuosl.org>
> To: jon at rejon.org
> Cc: systems at osuosl.org
> Subject: Download behavior change?
> Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 12:56:40 -0800
> Jon-
> Did something happen within the last few hours with regard to the way
> your site directs people to download files like
> 'openclipart-0.18-full.zip'? I ask because I noticed a large increase in
> load on hawthorn today and after some digging I found something rather
> interesting. It appears that people are directly downloading
> 'openclipart-0.18-full.zip' from hawthorn instead of our mirrors. I did
> a quick grep of the apache log and I noticed that yesterday it was
> downloaded a total of 423 times, while so far today it has been
> downloaded nearly 9,000 times.
> Can you please adjust your redirects to use our mirrors instead of
> hawthorn? That machine isn't suited well for downloading files like this.
> Thanks!
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