[Clipart] [Cctools-cchost] function for generating png thumbnails from svg files

Roan Horning roan at horning.us
Sat Nov 10 20:08:57 PST 2007

Jon Phillips wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-11-10 at 18:50 -0800, Victor Stone wrote:
>> As soon as 4.5 is out the door I'll help you hook your code into the framework.
>> VS
> Cool...Roan, is your code up on test.openclipart.org 
> Would be great to get it into OCAL's svn and check it out...
Don't have anything up yet. Unfortunately my ability to use objects in 
my code far surpasses my ability to write an object that works.

I've fixed all my parse errors, now I just need to figure out why it 
doesn't do anything :)


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