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Thu Nov 22 02:06:48 PST 2007

Please take this as a friendly advice.
I think that you have messed up the web site since I last visited it a couple of months ago. I find it now virtually impossible to find any particular clip art - I was just looking for some decent file and folder icons and finding some on the site is impossible (or I can't find the means to do so). Tagging seems to be a great idea... but look at that tag page: There are a few tags with so many entries that it's just not worth looking at them for the large number, and a whole load of tags attached to only one or two images. The search field didn't work for me either. And then there's this button "Clip Art" which basically shows one list of _all_ clip art if I am right...
I really liked that old directory structure. I guess you thought it was not flexible enough, and maybe you are right. But the way it is works even less, at least for me.
Anyways, thank you for the site...(shortened due to length limit)

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