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Mohamed Ibrahim mibrahim at mibrahim.net
Fri Nov 23 08:02:42 PST 2007

Hi Tobias,

Thanks for responding.

Well... I did this website because I wanted to be able to search the 
library, then I thought why not share it - then I figured out that parts 
can be used in openclipart. There's a bunch of code that can be reused 
again in openclipart, and we can do that. However, there will be always 
those ideas that I really want to do - but others won't agree with me to 
put it back in openclipart !

So I think I need first to communicate with the dev side, so being on 
the mailing list is a good step. I believe that openclipart needs on the 
dev side:
- A bug/feature list. Either bugzilla, mantis or may be we can use one 
on sf.net
- Planned goals for every release.
- The goals/features needs to be distributed on people
- Use openproj or some thing similar to track progress.

The only thing I found was the wiki page, and it helped me to see that 
there are features that I can provide back to the project. So if this 
gets expanded, it will help the project as well as encourage others who 
want (or think) to contribute.

If we don't have those, I can set them up - I just don't want to double 
work, or do some thing that's already there.


Tobias Jakobs wrote:
> On Nov 21, 2007 6:51 AM, Mohamed Ibrahim <mibrahim at mibrahim.net> wrote:
>> Hi All,
> Hi Mohamed,
>> I'm developing a website (clker.com) based on openclipart.org and during
>> reading the wiki I found that I implemented code that can be contributed
>> back to you, including autothumbnailing, auto cleaning errors in svgs
>> like linked images and exporting some images to odg, detecting repeated
>> images . And I am in the process of implementing multiple uploads.
> Very cool, welcome in the team.
>> 1. I want to know how to contribute back with code - not with art ?
> I'm not a programmer, and to few programmer is one of the problems
> from openclipart.org.
> I' ll hope Jon or Roan can help you here.
> What's not clear to me, what is your goal with clker.com? Wouldn't it
> make more sense
> to join us helpting to make openclipart.org better?
> Regards,
> Tobias
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