[Clipart] clipart files

Mohamed Ibrahim mibrahim at mibrahim.net
Fri Nov 23 10:28:39 PST 2007


They are all public domain. I also didn't know that the tags exist 
inside the SVG files, so that will definitely be helpful. The images are 
from both the 0.18 and the 0.2 pre release 
(http://commons.desciclomidia.org/wiki/Category:Openclipart). I used the 
directory names and file names as a source of tags, so there's 
definitely some work to do there.

I think the tag tip is very nice too. I already list the most relevant 
four tags if you embed the picture using HTML in a weblog, so I might as 
well add them for the search results.

Best Regards,

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> I had one more question: is your clipart from the old collection, new 
> collection or both?

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