[Clipart] bulk upload

momo at lumenstudio.net momo at lumenstudio.net
Sat Nov 24 11:38:19 PST 2007

> Also I hope I assumed right that "Mo" and "Lumen" files were both yours.

Yep', they're all mine :)

Do you have some tasks for me for tomorow? I'll have a few free hours on 
sunday evening so I can work on the clipart cleaning... I'd really like to 
help you with some cleaning/tagging/uploading etc...


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> On Nov 24, 2007, at 6:28 AM, momo at lumenstudio.net wrote:
>> Hi John!
>> Thank you for all your efforts in reshaping/cleaning the old  clipart and 
>> preparing it to be uploaded to OCAL. I'd like to  apologize for not 
>> beeing able to help you with this huge task, I'm  in a period of very 
>> active work and I unfortunately don't have much  time to give to OCAL 
>> right now ;(
>> I downloaded the "molumen.zip" archive from your repository and  cleaned 
>> my own cliparts (some needed bounding box reduction, others  had to be 
>> separated into several files). So you can easily forget  about those, I 
>> will upload them to OCAL by myself. That will  hopefully reduce some of 
>> the overall amount of work that is still  ahead.
>> Also, I think that it would be nice if all the entries that will be 
>> uploaded from the old (0.19) clipart should be by default tagged as 
>> "unchecked". This way, we will open each one to recheck tags and 
>> quality. I will do my best to be available within the next 1-2  weeks to 
>> give you a hand with that task (+ checking all the newly  uploaded 
>> cliparts).
>> regards,
>> Molumen
> I definitely agree about keeping the normal "unchecked" tag.  Even if  it 
> gets backlogged for awhile they will be tagged to be reviewed.  As  Gerald 
> said, it is a good opportunity to check the old files for any  issues.
> Also I hope I assumed right that "Mo" and "Lumen" files were both yours.
> John

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