[Clipart] [Cctools-cchost] function for generating png thumbnails from svg files

Victor Stone fourstones.net at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 15:27:28 PST 2007

On Nov 11, 2007 6:20 AM, Roan Horning <roan at horning.us> wrote:
> Roan Horning wrote:
> 1) Let cchost software know this class exists
> 2) create/modify the code that deals with the suggested file events
> (upload, modify, delete) to add the creation/modification/deletion of
> thumbnails.
> 3) modify the thumbnail display code to call the PNG thumbnails
> a) Simple Solution: don't check for existence of thumbnail, just call
> default name in <img> tag.
> b) Less simple: the display code will have the src attribute of a
> thumbnail <img> tag, call a function that returns the thumbnail if it
> exists, or creates and then returns the thumbnail if it doesn't exist.

quick status from my end: 4.5 is tagged and out the door (in my mind
anyway) and I'm very close to having an alpha 5.0 ready for download
and install. In that branch I've already created a separate module for
thumbnails as a place holder for this code. At some point if you can
let me know what utilities and where to install them from that would
be great so I can run tests and I can bang out 1) 2) and 3) above for

fyi: the internal structure of the code, as in: how records are
fetched and prepared for displayed has changed


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