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Joanna Pszenicyn papapishu at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 12:59:57 PST 2008

Dear Mr xxx,

Do you mean the image "Guns pack" submitted by user Clue?

This image, like all other images in Open Clip Art Library, Is Public
It means it's FREE for any use, commercial or non-commercial,
and it is written in the Frequently Asked Questions, question nr 19.

So we would be very grateful if you could help us by describing:
1.) Did you find the FAQ? Do you think it should be placed in a more visible
place on the page?
2.) Do you think that in the FAQ it should be explained more clearly
what Public Domain is, and that it applies to _all_ images in this library?
Should it be written just in the beginning of the FAQ?

Thanks in advance,

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> I need price List of guns, and if I can by it.if i haven't documents.
> Thank you.
> With pleasure, Mr. xxx
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