[Clipart] Fwd: Re: resurrecting the clipart browser project

EnzoAeneas enzoaeneas at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 20:23:46 PST 2008

already done:


I will check out wxPython.

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 5:53 PM, Steren <steren.giannini at gmail.com> wrote:
>> My requirements are built-in SVG support or available through a GPL or
>> LGPL compatible third party library, but I would still like to use
>> python as the primary language, if only for my own edification.
> I used wxPython to buid UI in Python, it is very reliable concerning
> platform native support.
> Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have svg build it capabilities.
> However according to the dev mailing list [1] there seems to be two easy
> ways to do it : using Cairo orusing wxsvg.
> Oh and by the way, I would love to keep an eye on your progress on a wiki
> page or on a dev blog. You could also start an svn somewhere for us to have
> a look and give you advise. I would suggest google code which provides for
> free all of this.
> Good luck, and if I find the time, I would be glad to help you.
> Steren
> [1]http://www.nabble.com/wxSVG---an-SVG-solution--td19097413.html

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