[Clipart] 3 admins

mail.rejon.org jon at rejon.org
Wed Oct 1 22:47:00 PDT 2008

For some retooling we need to do with osuosl, need 2 other people to be admins who will have access to the server via ssh.

For now, I will be 1 of the admins. The reason for this is that osuosl wants a new setup where less have access over the website and server and there is an easier system using svn for contributors to participate that doesnt bottleneck at an admin or osuosl.

Thus, there will be 3 admins with ssh and svn admin access.

Then, there will be a private to svn contributor svn module with specific server settings and not checkouttable by public. Then, there will be a public svn module for tools and other thungs the public can checkout, but only contributors with access will be able to commit too.

More details in a bit, but i want to get two more known admins to have the keys to push changes to the site, help fix things, and generally help out. Is there two people who would step up to do this?

Any questions? Thoughts?



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