[Clipart] SVG Tiny converter beta test

Grego grego at mpaja.com
Mon Dec 28 13:33:33 PST 2009


I'm writing a commercial application called SVG Pony to convert SVG images
from Inkscape to SVG Tiny 1.1+ format that Nokia phones use.
The chose some sample images from openclipart.org on the basis that they
look good, and that they are as such unusable on Nokia mobile phones.

In the program help I'm giving credit to www.openclipart.org, and all the
example image authors.  I was unable to contact all authors as the contact
form at openclipart.org is broken, in that case I link to openclipart.orgpage.

My program will be available initially for Windows.    It is currently
available as a free time limited beta from
http://mpaja.com/frontpage/download/SVG_Pony Program description is at

A linux version is also possible if there is general interest.

Best Regards,

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