[Clipart] [Open Clip Art Library] converting formats without uninstall/reinstall?

noreply at openclipart.org noreply at openclipart.org
Tue Jan 6 08:14:39 PST 2009

I was looking in my web browser and your Open Clip Art Library site came up and I liked alot of what I saw.  The problems I have are that I am trying to use them on MSWorks and OpenOffice and I didn't know which file to download and using Windows, I assumed Win32 was the correct file to select and now I have it all in .svg and it won't work as how I intended to use it.  The file is BIG and took several hours to download, is there a way I can change it to use with WindowsXP or can you tell me which file I should install if I need to uninstall, reinstall?

Any answers would be appreciated,


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